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Matt Roberts Fitness


Lime Wood has joined forces with the UK’s leading personal trainer, Matt Roberts, to bring you the ultimate fitness getaway! 


Our 2016 retreats are now fully booked! We will be releasing dates for 2017 very soon! 


The 2-day Matt Roberts Retreat allows you to kick start  a new way of thinking; designed to encourage you to reconsider the way in which you approach exercise and also to inspire you to think differently about your lifestyle choices, the Matt Roberts Retreat at Lime Wood hopes to ignite or rekindle your love of fitness in the most luxurious way possible!


Matt Roberts has become the industry name for health and fitness, and is responsible for honing some of the most famous physiques in fashion, music, politics and industry. He is also the health and fitness expert for a number of international and national media outlets; with over two decades of experience and thousands of training hours he now presides over a multi-faceted fitness and nutritional empire



What does it include?

  • Up to ten hours of personal training with Matt and the Lime Wood fitness team
  • Daily restorative deep tissue massages
  • A nutritional discussion & cooking demo in the HH&Co Cookery School kitchen, followed by dinner hosted by Matt
  • Healthy breakfasts and lunches in Raw&Cured.
  • Two inspirational and informative Mindfulness sessions
  • Use of the award winning Herb House Spa
  • The ultimate in laid-back luxury accommodation


Not only will we be focussing on your fitness but we will be addressing the broader spectrum of your overall wellness, and considering the healthy balance of mind, body and spirit during the retreat.

Sessions with London-based meditation and mindfullness expert, Lloyd Lovell, have been added to the programme, to introduce you to basic techniques to calm and focus the mind and to help you realise your true potential, both in the gym and day-to-day life.

Dinner will be served at the HH&Co Backstage cookery school kitchen table, following a cookery demonstration from our very own cookery school Head Chef Iain, who will show you just how easy it is to make nutritious and delicious food in your own home!




October 2016: Sun 9th and Mon 10th  SOLD OUT


How Much?  

Rates start from £995 per person in a Cosy Room (*based on two sharing) for 2 day Retreats

You can see all of the room rates here (these rates are inclusive of all elements of the Retreats)

How do I book?  For any further enquiries or to book please either email us at or call us on 02380 286 998 or pop in and have a chat with one of our team.


The Training

Matt and his expert team will coach you through five hours of training each day. All the sessions will take the form of small or whole group and are designed to really push you to the outside edge of your personal comfort zone and provide the biggest physical response.

The programme is varied and exciting using many exercise styles and formats, including circuits, high intensity work, kettlebell training, running, cycling, strength and conditioning, boxing, agility sets and, where possible, Yoga and Pilates. Rest assured no two days will be the same.

The beauty of a Matt Roberts Retreat is that the exercise selection is tailored according to your preferences and abilities


The Food

Food is fuel, but it is also there to be enjoyed! 

Lunch and breakfast will be served in Raw & Cured. Looking on food as both a source of delight and life-energy, Raw & Cured’s menu is full of colours, textures and tastes and made up of the freshest ingredients, perfect to give that you much needed energy to power you through the day!

Dinner will be cooked for you in the HH&Co Backstage cookery school kitchen; Expect a menu of Italian influenced dishes all devised with you and your goals in mind and full of all those carefully balanced proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, which will sustain, energise and please both the body and mind..



October 2016: Sun 9th and Mon 10th SOLD OUT



For any enquiries or to book just drop us an email or call us on 02380 286998

What the guests think!

'I thoroughly enjoyed the complete retreat package. Matt was fantastically motivating and the other guests helped make it a good experience.'

'The fact that my thighs are killing today shows me that I was worked hard and I feel that I have been given a real re-set.' 

'The Matt Roberts retreat was excellent! I've learnt a lot from it.'

'It was a great re-boot for my fitness and I thought the balance of the classes and outdoor activities was very stimulating.'

Matt Roberts Fitness Retreat Brochure

Please click below to view brochure! 


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