: of a size that can be eaten in one bite 
: being or made small or brief especially so as to be easily manageable

Short, pacey and serious fun; our bite-size cookery courses, HH&Co Bites!

We have condensed some of our favourite courses into manageable snack-sized sessions, perfect to pick up a new skill or give something new a go, and a great introduction to how we do things at HH&Co Backstage.

Bites: Iain's Simple Suppers

Refresh your midweek meals; ‘Iain’s Simple Suppers’ is ideal for those short on time but who want to deliver on taste!

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Bites: Pasta for beginners

In true Italian style, we will show you how to make your own pasta from scratch that can then form the base of a few simple and quick stunning pasta dishes!

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Bites: Simple Steak

One of the purest carnivorous pleasures available! Steak has the reputation of being tricky to do well at home, which means it remains a rare treat for many of us.

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Bites: Bangers!

Probably one of the most hands on (and potentially messy) of classes, giving you an in depth knowledge of each stage of sausage making.

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Bites: Crash Course Crab & Lobster

Lobster and Crab are definitely worth ‘shelling out’ for, but cooking them can intimidate even the more advanced cooks!

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Bites: Macaron Masterclass

Make your own macarons from start to finish, with a variety of different fillings and flavours.

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Bites: Perfect Pizza

Make authentic Italian pizza with us from scratch, and whip up the most delicious topping with the freshest ingredients.

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Bites: Cracking Cakes

Have your cake and eat it! You will make one of HH&Co’s signature show stopping bakes from scratch; whisking, icing, piping and decorating, to create a cake that would wow even Mary Berry!

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HH&Co Bites: Real Risotto

With just a few quick hints and tips, from choosing the right rice and making your stock from scratch to selecting the freshest and tastiest ingredients, ‘Real Risotto’ will have you serving up a quintessential Italian staple worthy of any Nonna’s table!

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HH&Co Bites: Slice, Dice, Know Your Knife!

Now it’s your turn to master slicing, dicing and chopping your way to better home cooking.

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Bites: Burgers

Get involved with one of our most hands on courses! Explore your culinary creativity in crafting delicious meaty burgers, discovering what flavours, textures and infusions go into creating the perfect burger. Ideal for the summer months of BBQ season when the sun is shining.

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HH&Co Bites: Brunch

In true brunch style, join us on a Saturday morning for strong coffee, a Bloody Mary and a hands-on course making a delicious brunch. From baking eggs to creating the perfect hollandaise sauce and eggs benedict, learn the simple techniques that go into creating the most important meal of the day.

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