Food pulsates through the Roux DNA and this October Emily Roux collaborated with her Michelin starred father, Michel Roux Jr, and brought their signature family style to HH&Co!

Michel Roux Jr is one of the biggest names in the restaurant world; he received his schooling in the kitchens of Le Gavroche and is imbued with its unique atmosphere and style. Michel and now Emily have a deep respect for the classical foundations of French cooking.

“Dad and I agree that proper cooking is about real flavour, ingredients that can be identified on the plate, yet presented in a modern, surprising way,” says Emily.

“I hope to share with you my passion and love for what is after all just a family affair” Michel Roux Jr

...And a family affair it was, with Emily hot on her father's heels as she whipped up the starter and pud for their Pop Up Menu and Michel Roux Jr produving a Le Gavroche classic for main...

Scallops, Celeriac Risotto & Black Butter

Roast Loin of Venison, Sauce ‘Grand Veneur’, Chestnut Puree & Pommes Dauphine

Gateau de Savoie, Avocado ‘Mousse’, Pineapple & Dill