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The Lowdown with Noughty

13 April 2022

A non-alcoholic fizz that tastes just like the real thing? Yep, you heard us right! We serve Noughty across Lime Wood and Herb House because it’s the best alcohol-free fizz out there! Noughty were one of the first brands in the industry to create 0% alcohol sparkling wines. Amanda Thomson, CEO and founder, was also voted one of Business Insiders Coolest People in Food & Drink 2019! We sat down with her to talk all things Noughty and the low and no industry…

We spoke to the founder Amanda to learn more about Noughty…

We love Noughty at Lime Wood and Herb House - tell us a bit about Noughty

It’s organic, vegan certified, contains no alcohol - hence the “nought” in Noughty - but most importantly beautifully crafted and quite delicious. The branding is elegant to sit on the table comfortably alongside fine wine and the name mischievous as we wanted to lose the negative connotations that have historically been associated with alcohol-free. 

What was the inspiration behind creating the non-alcoholic fizz? 

I wanted to create the special buzz the pop of a Champagne cork brings without the alcohol. Something equally delicious that puts you in the party mood! 

Noughty is best known for tasting just like the real thing! How do you create non-alcoholic fizz?

It’s not easy that’s for sure which is I guess why we were the first in the business to do it well. We use a gentle vacuum distillation process that retains the freshness.

What makes Noughty unique from other non-alcoholic wine?

Its taste! Taste is everything to me and something I became known for when I studied wine in Paris at Le Cordon Bleu. 

The low and no alcohol movement seems to be exploding at the moment! What are your thoughts about people choosing 0% or low ABV drinks more and more?

It’s been the missing piece in the social jigsaw puzzle for way too long. Wine lovers had been ignored despite the huge success in alcohol-free beer. The pandemic was a difficult time around the world and many sadly turned to alcohol, but others recognised that a healthy balance is needed in all aspects of our life which is where the opportunity for real growth in premium alcohol-free brands arose. Each person who chooses Noughty instead of an alcoholic drink, even if just occasionally, is doing something for their well-being and without the sacrifice so it’s win-win. 

Have you got any exciting upcoming projects/plans?

We want to be the leading premium alcohol-free wine brand in the world. No small ambition. But achievable we believe with so many critics and consumers sharing their love for us from London to New York to Sydney. We have a still wine portfolio launching imminently - Noughty Rouge, Noughty Blanc and Noughty Rosé and a leading supermarket deal coming in June to add to Waitrose which means it will be much easier for you to grab Noughty with your shopping. 

If you fancy trying a glass of Noughty, why not pop into HH&Co for a glass or two!


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