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The top floor of the Herb House is devoted to fitness and health with a state-of-the-art gym with forest views and Technogym equipment. We mix luxury, intelligent training methods and the beautiful Forest to offer a truly unique experience. Many of our fitness classes take place on our open roof top herb garden or out in the wide open spaces of the forest.

Our own dedicated Fitness Team and Personal Trainers are on hand at all times for guests and Herb House Members, as well as running an extensive range of fitness classes.

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The class...

High intensity, fun and exciting class on static bikes, using resistance to create a mixture of sprints and hill climbs set to music. This class strips body fat, tones legs, and will improve your cardio fitness – a 45-minute workout will burn up to 400 calories in an inspiring group session.



The class...

Fast-paced high-intensity workouts that will challenge your cardiovascular capacity, put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly burn fat.


Revitalising Yoga

The class...

Appropriate for all levels of Yoga ability, right up to the most advanced. This class takes you through a flowing series of postures, harnessing the healing power of the mind.



The class...

A choreographed class using a weighted fitness hoop for a range of waist hooping and muscle strength conditioning exercises which will strengthen and tone all major muscle groups providing a full body workout.



The class...

Using the resistance of the water, the body’s muscles can be worked more efficiently with the benefits of low impact on joints.


Inspirational Yoga

The class...

A soothing session of Hatha Yoga, dynamic breathing and transcendental meditation that will fill your soul with positive energy and release you from the bonds of lingering stress.


Spinning & Core

The class...

1hr of fun, athletic, cardiovascular cycling class, whilst incorporating a core workout.


Body Sculpt

The class...

Hardcore total body workout, which uses a variety of studio equipment to help build strength and shed fat.



The class...

A variable intensity class open to all abilities. Using different exercises for whole body conditioning.


Revive Yoga

The class...

During this 60-minute Yoga class, you will work through slow controlled movements designed to combine your breath with basic postures (asanas).


Intermediate Pilates

The class...

An exercise method designed to elongate and reintroduce your body's postural alignment. Improve balance, and coordination and build strong tension-free muscles. This class is designed for members who have been practising Pilates for a while and are looking to progress to a higher level.



The class...

Using a variety of boxing and kickboxing movements in the water will give you all the strength with none of the impacts of bag or pad work so it’s WIN WIN.


Body Sculpt Tone

The class...

Using mini and large resistance bands as well as lighter weights in slower deliberate reps targeting muscles to shape and tone the body. Open to all abilities.


Yoga Therapy

The class...

Working with members only, this class will focus on any mobility issues you may wish to address and design a range of Asanas that you can apply to remedy the problem.


Conditioning Kettlebells

The class...

“Hell’s Bell’s!” Strength and conditioning-based session using heavy kettlebells and low reps for targeted conditioning.



The class...

A class designed to help you move better, feel energised and loosen up tight and stiff muscles.


Mobility Pilates

The class...

This class is designed to help facilitate the myofascial release of tense and tight muscles, leaving you feeling more flexible and mobile through all your joints.



The class...

The dynamic, sometimes ballistic movements will get your heart rate up, challenge every muscle in your entire body and is different from any other routine.


Yoga Wheel

The class...

Fitness Yoga to improve your strength and Yoga poses with the Yoga wheel using a fusion of fitness and Yoga exercises.


Seasoned Strength

The class...

A full body strength class for all who want to stay younger for longer. A weighted workout is open to all levels. Keep fit, stay fit, and feel fit!


Yang Yoga

The class...

Yang and Yin Yoga are two different styles of Yoga derived from the Chinese philosophy of Tao; where balance is achieved by using the opposing energies of nature in practice; Earth and Water; Sun and Moon; warm and cold; hard and soft. Yang Yoga focuses on strengthening the muscles with active, more upward stances and warming postures.


Yin Yoga

The class...

Yin Yoga focuses on the nervous system with slower, more prone positions and is passive in practice, staying in each Asana for up to two and half minutes, activating rarely used tissues. The breath is very active, seeking to achieve a meditative stillness of mind based in the present moment .



The class...

A form of interval training, alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.


Body Sculpt Burn

The class...

Hardcore total body workout, which uses various studio equipment to build strength and shred fat.


Cardio & Core

The class...

A fun class that will have you sweating away the calories, whilst also building a strong midsection.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The class...

This powerful and energetic Yoga pushes you to control your body's movement and breathing ability.



The class...

An exercise method designed to elongate and reintroduce your body’s postural alignment. Improve balance, and coordination and build strong tension free muscles.


Mindful Meditation

The class...

Mindfulness is a set of meditation techniques that will help you gain awareness by paying attention to your thoughts, breath, and body, in the present moment, non-judgementally, for a greater sense of calm and self-compassion, emotional resilience and well-being.


Pelvic Floor

The class...

A class devoted to pelvic floor issues. Breath work and exercises to help restore weak muscle tone.


Stretch & Relax

The class...

A fantastic class designed to ease aching muscles, relieve tension and help you melt all worries away through movement and stretching.


Morning Yoga

The class...

Applying a gentle range of Asanas in a warm environment your body will be brought alive in a soothing manner that will fill you with energy for the day. Great for a first experience of Yoga.


Outside Boot Camp

The class...

No matter the weather, this class takes you outside in the lovely forest surroundings to work hard and take your fitness levels to the next stage!


Strength & Conditioning

The class...

A class designed to help improve your technique, performance, and overall fitness. Attention is given to alignment, flexibility, balance and much more.


Improvers Pilates

The class...

A class designed to accommodate all levels. You will have a full-body workout, working at a slow and controlled pace with plenty of modifications and adaptations. Suitable for just about everyone. Improving balance, posture, movement, and all-over body strength.


Dance Fit


A fun and entertaining dance class. Cha cha cha, jive, charleston, shake shimmy and smile your way to fitness.


Sound Healing


Sound healing with alchemy crystal singing bowls is designed to help you move into a deeply meditative state, providing space for your mind and body to rest and receive.


Ballet Sculpt


Ballet Sculpt is a fantastic class that combines dance technique warm ups with pilates. For those who don't love the idea of traditional gym sessions and fitness classes, this is the perfect mix of strength and flexibility to tone your body and give you an all over workout.


Restorative yoga


A soothing session of Hatha yoga, dynamic breathing and transcendental meditation that will fill your soul with positive energy and release you from the bonds of lingering stress.


Salsa & beyond


Experience the vibrant rhythms and passionate moves of salsa and Latin American dancing with this professional dance and fitness class. Explore the fundamental techniques of Salsa, Rumba and Cha Cha Cha whilst immersing yourself in inspiring music.


Flow & Restore Yoga


A yoga class which integrates the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga. The practice includes a combination of Hatha and vinyasa-based asana- practice, breath awareness, meditation and deep relaxation.


Back care Pilates


A class designed to help strengthen and protect your back and core, through postural work. Open to all abilities.


Cacao ceremony & Sound bath


Sip cacao and feel energised, creative and open-hearted. Think of your intention, keeping it in your mind as you drink and then immerse yourself within the frequencies of the healing sounds.


Boxing & conditioning


A great way to shed those unwanted pounds, while helping release any aggression in a fast-paced class. Boxing, kicking and the occasional pad-work is to be expected in this class.


Intermediate invigorating Yoga


A dynamic, playful flow designed to build strength and flexibility in a challenging way. The class is thoughtfully weaved with intention, deepening the mind-body connection through movement and breath. Open to yogis who are of intermediate level looking to progress their ability.


Core barre


This class is low impact, sweaty and shake filled where you can lose yourself in the playlist and find your inner will leave the class feeling incredible, empowered and ready to conquer.


Qi Gong


Is an internal process that has external movements. Qi means "life force", the energy that powers our body and spirit. Gong is the term meaning to work or gather. Qi gong together means a form of movement and mind using intention and mindfulness to guide qi to make qi work.


Strength Pilates


This class will explore the adjustments and areas to improve on as well as holding to the concepts of Pilates which are 'breath, whole-body health, whole-body commitment (mind, body and spirit) and the Pilates principles; breath, concentration, centering, control, precision and flow. Open to all abilities.


Invigorating Yoga


A dynamic, playful flow designed to build strength and flexibility in a challenging way. The class is thoughtfully weaved with intention, deepening the mind-body connection through movement and breath.


Foundation Pilates


Is a superb class for those looking to start their pilates journey. This introductory class focuses on aiding the body's return to or achievement of it's full potential, by learning and then mastering the basics. Ideal for beginners and those wanting to hone their skills.


Advanced Pilates


A full body workout to develop the core muscle group and develop balance and mobility. The exercises will be performed at a more advanced level with modifications where necessary. For those familiar with and confident in Pilates.


Functional breathwork


Science-based functional breathing techniques with gentle Yoga stretches to support the breathing muscles, closing the session with a deeply relaxing meditation. Improve self-awareness of body and breath, suitable for all levels.

The Hideout

Lime Wood’s outdoor studio space

The Hideout is Lime Wood’s outdoor studio space designed to bring you closer to nature whilst you enjoy some ‘you’ time. With stretched canvas overhead, floor to ceiling clear walls with views out across the lake and fields, and a heated wooden floor, it is a tranquil and quiet retreat – perfect for yoga, meditation, Pilates, small group fitness classes and intimate private events.