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Kitchen Table

Most of life happens at the kitchen table – a place of connection and comfort. There’s something about sitting at the kitchen table and eating with your loved ones that brings a household together.

So, step into the heart of our kitchen and gather around our kitchen table; it’s large, antique, and well-worn and seats up to 8.

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Kitchen Table Suppers

You’ll get to witness the hustle and bustle of our chefs’ creating dishes for you, they are crafted on the day to showcase the best of the season’s local produce.

Depending on what’s around, the kitchen team will serve dishes for the table for you all to share or smaller individual treats. Due to the nature of the experience, we are unable to cater for multiple dietary requirements, as all guests will need to enjoy the same menu.

To get the best out of the experience the latest sit-down time we book for dinner at the Kitchen Table is 7.00pm, so that you and your guests can enjoy the build-up and atmosphere in the kitchen throughout service.

You’re welcome to choose a great wine from our extensive cellar list, or our sommelier can offer a wine pairing from £95 per person, where they will suggest some great pairing wines for you.

£160 per person, excluding beverages.

Please call our events team on 02380 287177  for reservations or email