Next to Hartnett Holder & Co there’s the working kitchen which we’ve designed to fit in with our open house approach.

Drop in anytime for a cup of tea and a big slice of gooey cake, or join us for Full Afternoon Tea from 3pm-5pm every day of the week! 

Head behind the scenes of the Hartnett Holder & Co kitchen with HH&Co Backstage – the cookery school!

Get your knives and forks at the ready....our series of Angela & Co Guest Chef Pop Ups are heating up the HH&Co kitchen!

As you approach Lime Wood you may notice a small brick house tucked under the brow of a hill. This is our Smoke House. 

Our series of food and music festivals hosted at THE PIGs & Lime Wood. 

Raw and Cured is our food bar in the Herb House Spa which offers delicious, natural and healthy food.

Our new modern Victorian gem...

Whether its a Fashion Show, an awe-inspiring talk or all-singing all dancing music festival, there is more to Lime Wood than just a great night's sleep!