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Adding Mindfulness to your day

19 February 2021

Jane is a Mindfulness Instructor, Pilates Teacher and an experienced Business Coach. She first learnt such skills for her own wellbeing, and for more than 20 years now has also shared them with people in different ways: leading meditations at Lime Wood; coaching business people, one to one; and supporting teams in meeting their business challenges.

Mental health is a hot topic. Emphasis on mental wellbeing pre-dates COVID, but this extending pandemic highlights it further. On today’s rollercoaster, different people experience different things at different times. Some days you might be energised and highly motivated; others you might feel sluggish and down about the whole situation. Trying to balance needs of work, family and friends might leave little time to tend to your own needs. It seems lockdown may loosen soon?  If it does, the one thing that is certain it is another change to navigate. 

Mindfulness is like a multi-tool to help you make the most of each day, whether it is a high or a low one. Being Mindful enables you to be present and check-in with yourself, to ask yourself how you are in your mind and in your body so that you can respond accordingly and take care of yourself. It can be easy to wake up on auto-pilot, missing chances to notice what is needed to make the day a smooth and happier one.  Mindfulness disengages auto-pilot by developing a sense of presence and awareness about what you need. 

Mindful Coaching encourages you to find ways to be kind to yourself, to create better balance, and to access new or existing resources to support you, day to day.


The great news is that you will already practise Mindfulness!  You will recall times that you have been fully present and in the moment:  watching a loved one, feeling the warmth of an open fire or eating a lovely mouthful of food.  The Mindfulness sessions that Jane offers help you to access that state of being fully present when you need it the most to unlock what you need for yourself. 

Having just finished Jane’s 4 week mindfulness course I can honestly say it’s the best investment I have made during this lockdown!  It has been a fantastic opportunity to learn to live in the moment, to enjoy life and to feel a greater sense of grounding.  The course has been particularly useful during this time of such uncertainty, it’s allowed me to think positively and reminded me that this storm will pass.  I would highly recommend Jane’s sessions to anyone wishing to gain a better sense of peace, calm and fulfilment.”  Mrs Gray

Whilst we are still distancing, here are four ways people work with me online:

  • 30 free guided meditations. Accessed via the Meditations tab on my website. You could listen to a five-minute session on your phone whilst out walking?  Or you could follow a meditation like finding joy, that nurtures you just when you need it.
  • Four week Mindfulness for Wellbeing Course. I will be running another four-week Mindfulness for Wellbeing Course.  Starting 3rd March, people may pre-book at £150 for the four-week course.  You will learn skills in four tailored sessions to help you retain, revive and maintain your well-being:
  • Finding a sense of balance and calm,
  • Daily Mindful moments,
  • Managing your state when you feel anxious and overwhelmed,
  • Building your personal resources. 
  • Regular, live Mindfulness sessions. Join me for a shared practice once or twice a week.  Similar to my live sessions at Lime Wood, sessions can be accessed on the “Live Sessions” tab and paid as used.
  • One to one coaching. Difficult circumstances need you to bring your best.  I am currently supporting business leaders, private clients and frontline NHS staff to find that for themselves.  Book under the “Coaching” tab or contact me directly to discuss.

Contact me as follows

My website.

07961 882882


Jane’s interest in people and change started when she studied animal behaviour at Cambridge University. Then, by the time she was in the workplace she became fascinated, from a behavioural point of view, by why business people consistently avoided making the changes that so clearly made sound business sense. Deciding to understand what truly makes people change she trained in a key change science - Neuro Linguistic Programming, (NLP) - both in the UK and at Santa Cruz University with the amazing Robert Dilts - to become a Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP.

Realising the importance of mental and physical alignment, Jane also trained as a Pilates Teacher with Polestar Pilates, which works with the whole body: physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. 

‘Ten years ago, I discovered Mindfulness.  It became so powerful in helping me manage my state, that I decided to spend a year training with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre to become an instructor in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). 

I've now combined Mindfulness with my coaching skills to become The Mindful Coach.  I help people improve the ways they live and work, and I support them to explore ways to truly thrive.’

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