Kitchen Table

Next to Hartnett Holder & Co there's the working kitchen which we've designed to fit in with our open house approach.

We'd love it if you felt like sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and having a chat with the chefs about what they're up to. And they'd love it too.

So we've put in a large antique and well worn wooden table with benches on either side that allows people to enjoy themselves and gets the conversation flowing - it seats approximately 10 so that you can do just that.

We are hugely proud of our team and what they create and you'd be amazed what you might learn and see. Sometimes it's fun to just read the papers and soak up the action going on around. Alternatively we can arrange a private dinner for you at the kitchen table for up to 10 guests and we promise we won't make you wash up. Well that's the idea anyway.



The menu will be created for you on the day by the Hartnett Holder & Co team, using the best seasonal ingredients, and highlights from the menu.

Lunch on a bespoke menu from £75 per head. *minimum spend £750 with a maximum of 10 guests.

Dinner on a bespoke menu from £75 per head. *minimum spend £1000 maximum 10 guests.

Wine pairing is available from £55 per person.

Capacities - maximum 10 for private dining (1 long table).

Please call our events team on 023 8028 7158 for reservations or email