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Attuning to your Circadian Rhythm with Bamford

08 September 2022

Most of us associate with being a morning lark or a night owl, finding ourselves wide awake bright and early, or alert late at night. It’s said that the early birds’ body clocks run slightly faster than 24 hours and the night owls’ run slower. This pattern isn’t set in stone, though, it’s possible for your body clock to adjust in line with a number of variants, such as age and the seasons.


Bamford’s B Vibrant collection is inspired by the sun and the energy it provides. The collection is fragranced with an essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, basil, rosemary, bergamot and marjoram, which supports energy levels naturally, from morning until night.

The most recent addition to the collection is B Vibrant Shower Oil, a nourishing oil-to-milk formula that gently cleanses the skin. Simply apply one capful to the chest before stepping into the shower and letting the invigorating aromas stimulate your mind and body. Once in contact with water, the product emulsifies to form a milk which can be massaged further into the skin.

B Vibrant Shower Cream, B Vibrant Shampoo, B Vibrant Conditioner and B Vibrant Moisturising Body Milk make up the rest of the collection, which is produced in the UK and made with entirely vegan ingredients.

Larks may wish to use B Vibrant to enhance productivity during their prime period of the day, while owls may use the collection’s energising fragrance to stimulate their mind in the morning when they’re in need of a boost.


Either spirit animal (or bird in this case) can enjoy the benefits of Bamford’s B Silent collection, designed to ensure you sleep peacefully and wake restored. The collection is fragranced with calming essential oils of lavender, chamomile and vetiver root.

The products that make up the B Silent collection combine to form a relaxing night-time ritual. Both B Silent Night-Time Shower Oil and B Silent Night-Time Bath Concentrate are ideal for evening bathing and showering rituals, while B Silent Night-Time Pillow Mist can be spritzed onto your bedding and night clothes just before you close your eyes to send a signal to your brain that it’s time to sleep.

For pre-sleep self-massage, use B Silent Body Cream or B Silent Organic Body Oil, and for a moment of me-time, brew a cup of B Silent Night-Time Organic Infusion – made with hemp leaves, lemon balm and valerian root.

-Agata at Bamford (Therapist and trainer)

Learn more about your circadian rhythm here and why not pop by Curated for a browse of our Bamford products?



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