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EAT: How to Build a Healthy Plate

08 February 2021

We have teamed up with Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer to introduce her nutritional guidance throughout our services at Lime Wood so that those looking to support and enhance their well-being have access to the most nourishing options.

Amelia believes that food can be a very powerful tool for well-being and her purpose is to help others to enjoy the many benefits of nutritious food – food that is accessible, easy to make, that bursts with goodness as well as flavour.

How to Build a Healthy Plate with Amelia 

If you, like many of us (myself included!), struggle for inspiration on how to plan or put together a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal from scratch using fresh ingredients, this simple guide will hopefully lend some help.
This guide is not an absolute, rather a little visual tool that I hope some may find helpful. I tend to use this when I am assembly cooking, rather than making a complete recipe. For example, I might bake a chicken breast (protein) steam some broccoli & green beans then drizzle in olive oil (vegetables & healthy fats) and add a few new potatoes in to cook (complex carbohydrates). It’s not a supper than needs a recipe, but this plate-based guideline can help me to ensure I have each category covered.

Healthy Plate


1. Start with VEGETABLES (include a rainbow of colours)
2. Include a portion of PROTEIN
3. Add some HEALTHY FAT (e.g. a good drizzle of oil or a sprinkle of seeds/nuts)
4. Add COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES or minimally processed wholegrain if you’re feeling hungry or have higher energy demands

Sometimes a single food will cross multiple categories:
i) Nuts, for example, could be both our protein and healthy fats.
ii) Leek & potato soup might contain olive oil (healthy fats), vegetables (leeks) and carbohydrates (potatoes) so would need some protein to be added.

How this translates to a real meal...

Healthy Plate Real Meal

Happy healthy cooking!

Love Amelia x 

For lots more wellbeing tips, ideas and free recipes, please do head over to or @ameliafreer 


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