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Have you tried Yoga Wheel?

24 June 2021

We offer a range of different classes and activities at Herb House as we know how much our members and guests love them. Our newest class is Yoga Wheel – a fun new way to improve your flexibility.

Our new class Yoga Wheel was introduced recently in May and so many of our members have been loving this new take on yoga. Our Personal Trainer Kim, tells us all about Yoga Wheel...

So, what is Yoga Wheel?

The yoga wheel or otherwise also known as the Dharma wheel, invented by Sri Dharma Mittra in 1975, is a prop, shaped to match the contour of the spine and help aid in back bending. For those of you familiar with a foam roller, imagine that but just a lot bigger! You can do so much more with a Yoga Wheel than your traditional roller.

Why give it a go?

There are so many muscle tension releasing benefits when using a yoga wheel, but you also get a beautiful, passive and fully supported stretch with this prop. Besides improving your mobility and flexibility you can also build some serious core strength, work up to any of the more advanced yoga inversions or prep for a head or handstand IF that’s your aim. You don’t have to know anything about yoga to benefit from using this awesome apparatus.

The dharma wheel or Yoga Wheel has so many possibilities; for example, sitting on the floor and leaning your back against the padded wheel, leaning over it and slowly releasing your weight enjoying your muscles relaxing in this big stretch. It supports you in every stretch that you might struggle to hold or challenge your muscles by leaning or reaching or rolling with it.

Supporting the body in a warrior pose, a seated or standing forward fold or simply allowing you to focus on hip mobility by sitting on the wheel when practising a goddess (wide stance) squat.

I have been teaching Yoga Wheel classes for many years and regardless of fitness level, this class will leave you feeling taller and lighter, and as it is a low-intensity class it’s perfect for beginners and advanced fitness members alike. I am so happy to be teaching this at Herb House and have loved seeing many of our members start to see the benefits from this class.

You can try the Yoga Wheel class on Wednesdays at 10.15am with Kim!


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