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Issy Granger’s top tips for a tip-top table display this Christmas

18 November 2022

Since launching in 2019, Issy Granger has continued to develop a series of beautiful interiors collections that showcase her eclectic and joyful style. Adding to her already well-known glassware collection, Issy Granger has recently launched a linen, ceramics, and lighting range.

Following in the footsteps of her artist mother and grandmother, Issy has created a world where art and design are at the very core. Every piece in the Issy Granger collections are as much practical interior items as they are beautiful works of art, and they all start life as a drawing in Issy’s sketchbook. Once ready, Issy searches for the best possible craftsman and women to breathe life into her pencil sketches and transform them into the stunning finished creations that fill the Issy Granger shelves. Supporting skilled craftsmen, women, and top family-run manufacturing businesses both in the UK and around the world, Issy’s unique designs marry antique artisanship with modern-day craft. 

“Christmas is my favourite time of year because it provides the perfect excuse to draw the curtains, light the candles and snuggle up by the fire. Having said this, the real thrill comes from decorating the Christmas tree and mapping out the tablescape for all the exciting events that the season brings. Handpicking baubles, each with their own individual sentiment; adorning the tree with golds, reds, and greens; and laying the table with a generous display of linen, ceramics and colourful glassware, there’s simply nothing better. 

These are my top tips for creating the ideal, festive tablescape to brighten up your dinner parties this Christmas…

  1. Deck the halls

Christmas is about abundance, and I like my table to reflect this, with lots of extra details in winter floral arrangements, candlelight, and Christmas ornaments. This festive time of year is the perfect excuse to really go heavy on the decoration! Complement the subtleties of delicate wine glasses with decadent ceramic plates laden with all the trimmings, all nestled amongst plenty of seasonal foliage. 

  1. By candlelight

The darker days give us the ideal opportunity to enjoy our lunches and dinners by candlelight. I like to have a plethora of flickering candles dotted up and down the table using different height candlesticks to add extra depth to the decoration. I find using the soft lighting of lamps and dotting candles amongst glassware is the most effective way of creating the perfect cosy lighting for a winter lunch or festive dinner parties. 

  1. Classic Christmas colours

I tend to stick to quite a classic Christmas colour palette of reds, greens, and golds with only a few hints of extra colours thrown in. I use these three central colours for the stand-out features of my table, my candles, candlesticks, glassware, and Christmas ornaments. This theme is reflected in the Issy Granger Christmas range which is centered around these core colours, such as our exquisite hand-blown glass baubles, threaded with a perfectly luxurious velvet ribbon, which hang elegantly on the tree. I tend to add extra little colour accents in the linen and crackers! 

  1. Pulling out all the stops 

Christmas is a wonderful time for entertaining family and friends which for me means going that extra mile with the table design. Pulling out all the stops comes in the form of the smaller details, from decanting wine or water into glass carafes, to the simplicity of laying out a beautiful linen tablecloth which, in turn, elevates the entire tablescape. 

  1. It’s all about the personal touches 

This year we have made Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of the letters of the alphabet which make wonderful table place settings that your guests can then take away to hang on their own trees. In my opinion, glass tree decorations are the way forward for simple elegance which is why I designed the brand-new glass ornaments to sit merrily alongside my glass baubles, adopting the same traditional colour scheme and reflecting the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree."

-Issy Granger

We are excited to welcome Issy’s range into Curated very soon so pop by to take a look…

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