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Lime Wood Hosts Hamish Mackie Sculptures

19 October 2022

You may have spotted a new addition on the lawn next to the Hideout! A spectacular 11½ foot bronze sculpture of two boxing hares by Oxfordshire-based sculptor Hamish Mackie, arrived to our grounds of Lime Wood a couple of weeks ago where it will proudly sit whilst a buyer is sought. The net proceeds from the sale will support children’s healthcare through The Murray Parish Trust; a charity that aims to advance paediatric emergency medicine.

Hares remain one of Hamish’s signature subjects which he regularly returns to, partly to see how his sculpting style has changed over the years, but also because, as he says, “hares just lend themselves so well to sculpture!” Boxing Hares, three times life-size and bursting with life and energy, is a sculpture designed to be silhouetted side on. This work of art is a majestic tribute to one of our countryside’s most beloved animals, making it a stunning focal point as it holds its ground from a distance.

The sculpture has recently been part of the Hares of Hampshire Wild Art Trail - a ten-week event that saw Winchester and Southampton streets, parks and public spaces brought to life with an exhibition of magnificent hares. Each was individually designed and beautifully created, showcasing the wealth of artistic talent the county has to offer, while positively contributing to the economic, cultural and social life of the area. The event culminated in an auction of 31 Hare sculptures and 4 of the smaller Leverets on 27th September to help The Murray Parish Trust raise funds for critically sick and injured children at Southampton Children’s Hospital.

Our Managing Director at Lime Wood, Kenneth Speirs, said, “We are delighted to be hosting Hamish Mackie’s ‘Boxing Hares’ at Lime Wood. The sculpture is an impressive addition to all the wonderful existing outdoor artwork we have and, as part of the Hares of Hampshire Wild Art Trail, we look forward to the proceeds of the sale adding to the already impressive sum raised for The Murray Parish Trust. ” 

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