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Skincare in harmony with the seasons

13 September 2023

Whether you’re rounding off the summer somewhere warm or ready to rest and recuperate ahead of autumn, our friends at Bamford have devised a seasonal skincare guide that you can return to time and time again to ensure your skincare ritual is right for you, all year long.

Just as we update our wardrobes in line with the changing seasons, we should follow suit for our skincare routines. Summer weather comes with an increase in heat and sun exposure whereas winter brings with it much colder temperatures which can leave skin dull, dry, and irritated. It’s important to adjust our everyday rituals to accommodate these seasonal changes and ensure our skin remains healthy all year long.

When the weather is warm

In summer, when the sun’s rays are stronger, it’s all the more important to apply sun cream. Incorporating our SPF 50 Sunscreen into your morning routine can reduce the harmful effects caused by sun exposure.

While hydration is important, using thick, oil-based products can encourage excess oil production. Instead, opt for a lighter form of hydration such as our Hyaluronic Glow Mist which can be spritzed onto the face as required and won’t feel so heavy in the heat.

When we reach winter

Be sure to continue to apply SPF throughout winter. The colder, cloudier weather can be deceiving and lead us to believe our skin doesn’t need SPF, but our skin needs protection from the sun all year round.

Switch lightweight cleansers and moisturisers for richer, more nurturing products. Our Nourishing Cleansing Balm features a blend of six protective oils while our Nourishing Sleep Mask features hyaluronic acid to maintain moisture levels and skin plumpness.

Between seasons

The changing seasons provide the perfect opportunity to book in for a Bespoke Bamford Facial at Herb House. Each facial bears the time of year in mind as well as your personal skin type, requirements, and concerns to ensure the treatment is entirely tailored to you. This thorough treatment acts as a reset for your skin – a chance to check in with its current condition and receive guidance from your therapist as to how to care for it throughout the upcoming season.

Whatever the weather

To help you infuse this guidance into your current ritual, our Spa Trainer Agata Wojcik shares a four-step skincare method that can be followed and adapted all year long, in harmony with the seasons.

  1. Cleanse

Cleanse your skin morning and night before applying your next product.

  1. Protect

By day, incorporate SPF into your ritual for protection from the sun.

  1. Nourish

By night, apply a cream or oil to lock in moisture and hydrate your skin while you sleep.

  1. Treat

Book in for a Bespoke Bamford Facial at Herb House to ready your skin for the upcoming seasonal change. Book here!

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