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08 February 2021

Sleep Well with Bamford 

We spend a third of our life doing it; it’s a vital process in our bodies’ ability to function and also to repair itself, yet we are the only species that intentionally deprives itself of sleep. Every facet of wellness is affected by how we sleep, and lack of sleep or inadequate sleep is linked with poor memory and thinking ability, low mood, changeable emotions, anxiety and lack of creativity, yet still we choose to neglect it. Two thirds of adults in developed nations fail to obtain the nightly eight hours of sleep recommended by The World Health Organization.

Preparing our body for sleep – our sleep hygiene – involves a variety of different practices and habits required for quality sleep and full daytime alertness. Our friends at Bamford have shared a  10-step guide to helping you improve your sleep routine ….think of it as the same as a child’s bedtime routine!

Here are the B-silent tips for a peaceful sleep

  1. Avoid technology (blue light) for 3 hours before sleep, the patterns of light are so important to our sleep.
  2. Take a long evening walk in the fresh air, light and dark help to teach our bodies when it is time to sleep, use an eye mask if you are light sensitive.
  3. Ensure your bedroom is as dark as possible- if you can see the far side of your room in the middle of the night, it is too light and will disturb your sleep.
  4. Eat a light protein-rich evening meal as early as possible.
  5. Sleep on a firm neutral mattress. Wear loosely fitted breathable natural fibres such as cotton. Layer with natural animal fibres such as cashmere, which will regulate body temperature.
  6. Your room should ideally be quiet, 35 decibels or more will disturb your sleep.
  7. Fresh air circulation is important, sleep with the window open when possible and switch off central heating.
  8. Don’t spend too much time in your bed or bedroom when you aren’t sleeping. Your mind should associate the space with sleep. If you are struggling to sleep, get up and leave the room until you feel tired.
  9. Follow a set routine each evening so that the body and mind knows it is time to prepare for sleep
  10. Be consistent in your sleep patterns, social jetlag doesn’t help, so just because it is the weekend try to maintain your sleep pattern.

There are also many products recommended to help with creating a better sleep routine including, Bamford’s B Silent Pillow Mist, B Silent Bath Concentrate, and the Temple Balm.

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