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Switch off with Amelia Freer

08 February 2021

Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer is one of our Herb House go-to guru's, she has introduced her nutritional guidance throughout our services at Lime Wood and Herb House so that those looking to support and enhance their well-being have access to the most nourishing options.

A three times bestselling author, Amelia has successfully helped thousands of clients to lead happier, healthier lives through nutrition, lifestyle and wellness measures. We have hosted various events with Amelia at Lime Wood including cookery courses and retreats – all providing guests with one to one time with Amelia and helpful tips to take away to help lead a healthier lifestyle.

Here are Amelia’s top tips for switching off

It is always important to take the time to rest. Chronically activated stress can negatively impact on our immune function, as well as our mental health, energy levels and overall wellbeing. And while the human mind is fantastically resilient and adaptable, there is also great benefit in taking some positive steps toward reducing and relieving our accumulated stress.

Don’t be afraid of using airplane mode

Switching your mobile phone to airplane mode (or disconnecting your computer from the internet) is a brilliant ‘hack’ that also allows us a chance to disconnect. I tend do this at 8pm. It prevents mindless scrolling through social media, late-night checks of emails, and buys me back time to read, chat or just relax. I can honestly say this one little thing has made a significant difference to my sleep and subsequent stress levels. Try giving it a go one evening.

Stock up on lovely books

Is there anything quite so relaxing as curling up on a sofa, tea in hand, with a good book to dive into? Treat yourself to a few new books and give yourself permission to actually read them. This itself is a mindful act, without the need to meditate (if it’s not you’re thing).

Beware of news overload

The news is specifically produced to be catchy. To hook you in and keep you engaged. While it is, of course, important to stay informed of key updates and world events, most of us don’t need to be connected to the news cycle all day. So, if you’re feeling increasingly anxious, unsettled or struggling to sleep, do limit your news intake. Perhaps stick to a daily briefing in the morning (various newspapers offer this as an email subscription service) and avoid checking the news for the rest of the day, but most especially late at night.

Ask for help if you need it

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year. It might have triggered a lot of uncomfortable feelings, anxieties or even depression. It has put enormous strain on relationships, families and finances. There is no shame in asking for help. It is instead a sign of great insight and strength to realise that others may have the professional skills and resources that could really help us. Speak to your GP or visit the BACP website [].


Amelia has also launched her first ever online course – The Joy of Healthy Eating. It is perfect for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and to better understand food. As many of you might know if you have attended her retreats or cookery events at Lime Wood previously Amelia is not about fad diets or weight loss, her aim is to help people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Amelia has kindly extended a 15%dicsount for Lime Wood Guests. Receive 15% off when you buy Amelia’s online course by using the code LIMEWOOD15.

Find out more about her course here.

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