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The Lowdown with Pentire

18 July 2022

A non-alcoholic spirit that tastes just like a real G&T with much fewer calories? That’s right!  Founded on a love of active coastal living with health in mind along with local botanists, distillers, and brewers, Pentire has created some truly delicious spirits.

You may have spotted Pentire on our bar menu at Lime Wood, in Raw & Cured or most recently at our Summer Members BBQ! Pentire joined us as sponsors at our Summer BBQ for Herb House Members where many of our members enjoyed their non-alcoholic spirits.

We spoke to the founder Alistair Frost to find out more about Pentire…

​​We love Pentire at Lime Wood and Herb House –can you tell us a bit more about the brand?

That’s very kind of you, we are so happy to be served there. It’s such a perfect place for Pentire for so many reasons.

At Pentire, we make botanical non-alcoholic spirits by distilling plants native to our headlands here in North Cornwall. We’re a team of 16 full time staff who all love the outdoors; and we’re enjoying the journey of growing our healthy drinks company all around the world, which started here on the North Coast.

What was the inspiration behind creating botanical plant-based spirits?

We founded Pentire on a love for active-outdoor living and alcohol doesn’t really mix well with that. We’re basically all an active bunch who get excited about being in natural environments and doing the things that make us feel good like surfing, running, cycling, yoga etc. 

I wanted to create a drink that worked for people who were aligned on that thinking. Then through heaps of trial and error, I started experimenting with distilling plants in the area, mostly sea herbs, which taste incredible and have a whole bunch of health benefits too. Especially as they are distilled as whole plants and not as dried botanicals, which positively impacts both flavour and nutritional goodness.

What makes Pentire so unique from other non-alcoholic spirits?

The natural refreshing coastal flavours. This is all down to the ingredients we use and how we distil, along with the recipe. Then it’s onto health, which is vital to us, so keeping sugar to 0, having only a couple of calories per serve and being entirely natural. 

The low and no alcohol movement seems to be exploding at the moment! What are your thoughts about people choosing 0% or low ABV drinks more and more?

It’s very exciting, and more people are choosing non-alcoholic for a number of reasons. Overall, there’s a big movement of consumers who want to cut down on alcohol consumption because they know it’s not great for them. 

Close to our hearts are the people who care about the same things as us, which are basically active living, health, and wellness so it’s cool to see those people on the rise too. 

Have you got any exciting upcoming projects or plans?

Yes! We’re always working on exciting new flavours, growing our team in the UK and the USA; and growing our customer base.

We’ve been scaling pretty fast since our launch a few years ago so we put our personal health high up the priority list to be able to sustain that too, as we have a long way to go and some ambitious plans. That means pushing each other to find time to get away from the desk to be outdoors and do the things that make us feel good like yoga and surfing. 

In the day-to-day, we’re just trying to enjoy the process and getting to work together as a team. 

If you fancy trying Pentire, why not pop into HH&Co to try some of the most popular drinks Adrift and Seaward? Or you can purchase it in Curated. 



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