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The Lowdown with Rizboardshorts

28 April 2021

Rizboardshorts create a range of men’s swimwear with every pair of shorts tailored from 100% recycled and recyclable fabric. Founders Riz and Ali used their combined knowledge, Riz having worked for many years in designing and Ali recently retuning from sailing across the Pacific where he witnessed first-hand the crisis of plastic pollution facing our oceans to build a brand with the aim of creating 'The most beautiful and sustainable swim shorts in the world'.

We spoke to the founders to find out more about their amazing range of shorts and how they are made.

Tell us a bit about how Rizboardshorts came about and what inspired you?

In 2009, Ali and I decided that there was a need for something better in the men’s swimwear and boardshorts market. I had worked for many years designing beachwear for a number of global brands and Ali was about to sail across the Pacific, where he witnessed the plastic pollution crisis our oceans faced. We set out to build a brand where we would create beautiful boardshorts that were as environmentally friendly as possible.

Based in London, we love the irony of designing shorts in the pouring rain. It’s quite honest. People here travel to escape. It’s as if the shorts have become a metaphor for summer itself.

Tell us a bit more about your products and how they are made?

We passionately believe in crafting shorts with soul. Inspired by Savile Row and surf culture, our shorts blend elegant tailoring with a laidback mood. As a London based brand, the shorts are designed to take you between the streets and the sea; one pair for dinner and dives.

By only making one thing, it allows us the time to do things properly. To become masters; hopefully. By putting the environment and wellbeing at the heart of the design process, it shapes this journey. One of the key aspects of the shorts is that they are made entirely from recycled materials, made from recycled plastic bottles, even down to the zips and the stitching. The vibrant prints are digitally printed in England and then the shorts are made in a small factory in Portugal. We have been working with the same craftsmen for over ten years; this patience and time helps with how our products are made. 

Tell us about your work with the Marine Conservation Society and why it is important to you?

Our oceans are currently awash with plastics and are overfished. They are responsible for the health of our planet, yet they are as vulnerable as they are beautiful. Considering our shorts are to be worn in this playground, it’s important that we look after it.

We, therefore, donate £1 from the sale of every short to the Marine Conservation Society, as a way of giving our customers a way of giving back. By opening up narratives we believe we can make a difference. Our ‘Rizcycling’ scheme encourages our customers to donate us their unwanted shorts so we can repair, recycle, or rehome them and customers get 25% discount on a new pair of shorts.

We are also working with the MCS to learn about how fabric innovations could reduce microplastics from entering our seas- we hope this will influence other parts of the fashion industry thereafter.

How has the pandemic influenced your business?

As a small swimwear company that relies on its customers travelling to go on holiday, the pandemic has been tough for us. We have been focussing on our e-commerce business and are excited for the world opening up again. One positive outcome is people are talking about consuming more sustainably and mindfully - so this is encouraging.

Where are you most excited to travel to when you can?

 Although it may be a while until the borders open, I am most excited to travel to wonderful Japan when I can! I always find so much inspiration there.

If you fancy having a look at their range of  beautiful shorts visit their website here, or pop into Curated to have a look!






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