The top floor of the Herb House is devoted to fitness and health with a state-of-the-art gym with forest views and the very latest Technogym equipment. We mix luxury, intelligent training methods and the beautiful Forest to offer a truly unique experience. Many of our fitness classes take place on our open roof top herb garden or out in the wide open spaces of the forest.

Our own dedicated Fitness Team and Personal Trainers are on hand at all times for guests and Herb House Members, as well as running an extensive range of fitness classes.


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Bespoke Personal Training delivered by a team in a gym space that has been completely redesigned and re-fitted to the highest standards, so that you can really start to achieve your fitness goals. Our Personal Training programmes recognises that everyone is a unique individual, and integrates a wide range of disciplines and methods to keep both the body and mind challenged in a variety of ways.

Designed to be progressive and challenging, your plan will take you through all facets of fitness development, making sure that you are not just leaner, but also stronger, more flexible, more stable and agile. The team is headed up by Justin Pimm, Fitness Manager. He is working alongside our fantastic existing trainers.

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Personal Training sessions can be booked as pay as you go sessions, on in blocks. Small Group Training sessions are available for groups of 2-4 people.

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The Hideout


Lime Wood’s outdoor studio space

The Hideout is Lime Wood’s outdoor studio space designed to bring you closer to nature whilst you enjoy some ‘you’ time. With stretched canvas overhead, floor to ceiling clear walls with views out across the lake and fields, and a heated wooden floor, it is a tranquil and quiet retreat – perfect for yoga, meditation, Pilates, small group fitness classes and intimate private events.

Lime Wood and Herb House have always been inspired by the Forest and now you can breathe, stretch and soak in the surroundings from the warmth and comfort of The Hideout.

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Dedicated & Motivated



Dan - Senior Personal Trainer

How would you describe your philosophy on fitness, and do you specialise in anything?
Form follows function and move right move strong. Martial arts and movement, I currently hold 2 black belts. I am also a Kettlebell instructor, Indian Club Trainer, a Suspension Trainer.

What inspired you to get into fitness?
I have had a life-long interest in martial arts and fitness. I was taught and graded under Grand Master Angelo Baldissone and by several masters in the Philippines.

What do you get up to when not in lycra?
Having adventures with my two sons.


Justin - Head of Fitness

How would you describe your philosophy on fitness, and do you specialise in anything?
Health, fitness and well-being should be a lifestyle – not a finite endpoint. At the heart of my ethos is that training should be fun and enjoyable, that way it becomes a continual part of your lifestyle and you avoid extreme fluctuations in your approach to staying fit. I have a BSc (Hons) first class degree in Strength & Conditioning Science from St. Mary’s University. I specialise in rehab/prehab, movement biomechanics and functional fitness.

What inspired you to get into fitness?
Having come from a sporting family and having competed to county level in both cricket and tennis I’ve always been into training and continually striving to be the best version of myself as possible.

 What do you get up to when not in lycra?
I am a self-confessed sport nut: tennis, golf, cricket, running, skiing, you name it I’ve probably tried it or willing to give it a go; and spending time with my wife and two kiddies!

Bringing the best out of you


Ethan PT

ETHAN - Senior Personal Trainer

How would you describe your philosophy on fitness, and do you specialise in anything?
My journey with fitness has been a roller-coaster to say the least. At the start of the pandemic. I found myself to be in a low place, I was physically overweight and unmotivated. The summer lock-down drove me to try new things. I started running daily and working out in the sun. I found my passion and in just a few months my life changed forever.  

What inspired you to get into fitness?
Initially, I was inspired towards fitness thanks to my military training. The demanding standards have always pushed me to try new things and adapt my learning. These conditions drove me to love fitness as I had an end goal which needed to be achieved. Since then, my journey has been adapted and I have thus discovered all elements of fitness, from power lifting to running marathons and everything in between.

What do you get up to in your spare time?
My spare time is jam packed with anything you can think of. I enjoy working with horses, shooting, boxing, playing guitar and exploring new places.


JANA - Senior Personal Trainer

How would you describe your philosophy on fitness, and do you specialise in anything
Fitness is a life journey; you achieve what you work for and you conquer what you aim for.  

What inspired you to get into fitness?
My mum wanted me to be a ballerina, but after watching a few Bruce Lee movies I wanted to be a fighter! Since I was very young I started karate and over many years of training under Japanese masters I gained a high level in this art. I opened my first dojo and taught students to become World and European champions. Throughout the ups and downs in my life, the karate-way was what always kept me focused, disciplined and happy. 

What do you get up to in your spare time?
You name it I do it.  Skydiving or diving, snowboarding or wakeboarding, mountain biking or road cycling and travelling with my two girls and making millions of memories through our adventures. 

Smoked & Uncut Festivals 2022

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