Designed for reflection

The tranquillity of the Herb House roof or ‘Herbery’ allows it to be the perfect backdrop for meditation, a spot of sunbathing, or an early evening drink with friends.

It was specially designed to reflect the location of the spa and our natural approach to well-being. It was deliberately planted to contrast the small, delicate herbs with the majestic trees in the forest beyond. The proximity to the forest and rooftop position influenced the planting to as unstructured as practically possible, to ensure there was a natural visual flow from the herbery to the forest.

The planting gives the space on overall sense of serenity as well as to provide interest and excitement as you touch, smell and even taste some of the herbs and plants.

Many of the herbs grown can be found in our smoothies and juices at Raw & Cured, as well as on Hartnett Holder & Co’s menu!