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Senior Staff Membership Welcome Pack

As a Senior member of staff, you are eligible to one of our most fantastic benefits - complimentary membership at the Herb House Spa.

Access Timings & Use of Facilities 

As a senior staff member, you will be able to enjoy full use of the Herb House from 6.30 – 9.30am and from 6pm onwards throughout the week.

Although this benefit is available to you, we would ask you to be sensitive around other members of staff that do not receive this privilege. 

We would also like you to be sensitive to members of the public and guests to the hotel. These are paying guests and have priority over staff members. We have a ‘family holdback policy’ in place, which means great etiquette must apply and you must give priority to any guest in any area of the spa.

Membership Cards and Discounts

Your Senior Staff membership provides you with the following discounts:

  • 35% off treatments and spa days at the Herb House (excluding Sarah Chapman, which is 25% off). 
  • 35% off retail purchases (excluding Sarah Chapman which is 25% off).

Booking Treatments/Spa Days

You’re welcome to book in for a treatment Monday to Thursday subject to availability for yourself and up to 3 friends or family members.  You must be present at the time and pay the bill to receive your discount.  There is no discount on gift vouchers. NO more than four staff or staff guests are allowed to use the spa at any one time.

If you’d like to book a treatment, use the spa or book a spa day outside of the designated times or make any special arrangements, please email our Spa Director, Tammy Kenyon at with full details.

The guests are our main priority so if a guest requests a treatment and it clashes with a staff appointment, the staff member may have to reschedule or cancel.

Health Consultation Forms

All members will be asked to complete a fitness consultation form and sign a medical disclaimer before starting any exercise. Click here to download the form, which should be returned to

It is your responsibility and liability to bring to our attention any medical condition or changes to a medical condition that may present a health risk when using any of the facilities or engaging in any activities at the Herb House.

If you are taking medication, have just had an operation or have a medical condition, we strongly advise you to consult with your doctor before having any treatments or using the facilities.

Please let us know if anything changes in your health once you have completed either your treatment or fitness consultation form.

We would advise you do not do any strenuous physical activities if you do not think you are medically fit enough.

If you have any reservation as to your physical condition, we advise you have a medical check-up before doing any exercise.

Gym Usage & Induction

Before you use the Herb House gym for the first time, you must complete a gym induction.  Please contact the membership team and we will book you in for your induction. If you would like someone to show you around the spa, we can also organise a spa induction for you.

The gym induction is a 30-minute session, where one of our personal trainers will go through how to effectively use each piece of equipment in the gym. We would recommend you wear fitness attire to this appointment so that you can try out the machines. The session will also include how to use the MyWellness app and the Technogym hub to book classes and how to view your profile.

Classes & MyWellness App

For all our class bookings, you will need to download the MyWellness app.

Becoming healthier and more active is now easier than ever. MyWellness enables you to access your lifestyle and fitness data, manage your training programmes, book your fitness classes and much more whilst being on the go.

You will also be able to connect MyWellness with popular fitness and nutritional tracking apps and devices like Polar, Garmin, Apple Health, RunKeeper, Strava, Mapmyfitness and many more.

You will also be able to connect to the Technogym equipment in the gym to record and manage your workouts and results. For support with this, please just ask one of the fitness team when you are next in the gym.

On joining, you will receive an email invitation to join MyWellness. You will need to accept this invitation before you can set up your profile and start booking classes via the MyWellness app. Please let one of the membership team know if you do not receive this email.

Please click here for a quick guide to your MyWellness booking procedures.

If you wish to take part in a class at the Herb House, you are welcome to do so, if there is last minute availability. If there is space on the MyWellness app an hour before the class, please book your space at that point on the app. We would ask that you do not make bookings in advance.

The Herb House publishes its fitness class timetable but this may be changed at the discretion of the management. Members will be notified in advance where possible by email.

Click here to see the latest timetables.

Changes to Policy 

Please note, we may amend the details of this policy at any point. If there are any changes, you will be informed. Your staff membership is for the duration of your employment with the company and will be cancelled if you cease your employment.  Please note that the membership is a privilege, which can be withdrawn by the directors at any time.

General Herb House Information

Please refer to our Members Information page here for more general information about the Herb House, our main opening times and current operating procedures.

We hope you will enjoy your membership and that the Herb House will help you achieve your wellness goals.


If you have any other queries regarding your membership, please get in touch by emailing membership@herbhousespa or calling 02380 287 184.