EAT : Sheila’s High Energy Salad Recipe from Raw & Cured

When you have overdone HH&Co’s truffle pasta, Raw & Cured in Herb House Spa can help with a little light relief. Sheila Hulme, the Creative Chef and her team create feel-good food. Packed full of all of the goodies that will have you leaping into the Lap Pool and running rings around the Forest.

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GLOW : Time for Spring Skincare

Spring clean your skincare routine at home. Our go-to-guru Sarah Chapman gives us her tips to get the Glow!

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The Lime Wire Library

Welcome to our Lime Wire Library – the perfect place to browse through all our past editions of our in-house magazine publication.

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MOVE : Cesca’s Tips to get moving at home!

Herb House Personal Trainer Cesca shares her tips for working out at home.

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Initial Test Post

To mark our 10-year milestone we called on our Chef friends, each of who have been part of our journey, to plant 10 of our favourite fruit trees in the gardens, celebrating our commitment to food and the environment.

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Feel good, super smoothies

Our creative chef Sheila Hulme works with her team in Raw & Cured to create delicious, fresh, and nutritious food and drinks to help you to feel your best.

If you find yourself creating the same smoothie at home time and time again and need a little inspiration, Sheila has shared two great recipes for you to whizz up from the comfort of your own kitchen.

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GLOW: Sheila's Super Smoothies

Sheila, Raw & Cured's Creative Chef shares 2 of her favourite super smoothie recipes with The Lowdown! 

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