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HHCO Game Dishes 07[1]

Luke’s HH&Co Game Recipes

Luke has shared two of his favourite recipes that you can taste on our HH&Co menu over the coming weeks or recreate at home…

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  • Landscape Hip Chocolate 3 (3)

    The Lowdown with H!P Chocolate

    H!P Chocolate creates good quality creamy vegan chocolate! They pride themselves on using the best of the best in their chocolate and sustainability is at the heart of what they do. At Curated, we love supporting growing sustainable British brands that share our ethos of authenticity and well-being. We spoke to the founder James to learn more about H!P Chocolate…

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  • hh12.JPG Portrait

    Benefits of regular exercise

    Our Fitness Manager at Herb House Justin Pimm gives us the top 5 benefits of exercising regularly.


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  • Pairs Scotland 0JEP9246

    The Lowdown with Pairs Scotland

    Pairs Scotland creates a range of luxury socks, surrounded by nature in the Scottish Highlands.

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  • Polka Noughty Chardonnay 2 LO (1)

    Sip with Noughty…Polka Dot

    Doing Dry January? Try our zero alcoholic cocktail Polka Dot with Noughty…

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  • hh12.JPG Hdty

    Justin and his team's top 10 tips for staying motivated this Winter!

    We all know how tough it can be to stay motivated to work out in the winter months, especially after Christmas! When it's colder outside it's only natural to want to stay curled up in the warm, but what better time than after over-indulging at Christmas to get back out there and keep fit. Justin our Head of Fitness at Herb House and his team give us their top tips for staying motivated this winter. 

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  • large_pageslide_5058.jpg Matt Roberts Limewood May 2019 © Amy Murrell-199.jpg

    Introducing our new Wellness Class at Herb House

    Learn all about the benefits of taking some time to look after your wellness.

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  • Comfort Cream[37] LIQUID FACIAL RESURFACER 1026 100ML 2019 10 11

    Winter Skincare Q&A with Sarah Chapman

    With the temperatures dropping, it’s important to look after our skin in the colder months. We spoke to our go-to-guru, skin expert and super-facialist Sarah Chapman to ask her our most pressing winter skincare questions.

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  • SC 34 524

    Transitional skincare with Sarah Chapman

    Our go-to-guru and Skincare expert Sarah Chapman reveals her expert tips for keeping your skin healthy and balanced as we move into the colder months.

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  • 220621 Shieldsedit 15 220621 Shieldsedit 13

    The Lowdown with Shields Edit

    Shields Edit are a luxury brand specialising in woman’s loungewear made in England and one of our latest brands we have welcomed to Curated.

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