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Lime Wood Hosts Hamish Mackie Sculptures

Have you noticed the hares on the lawn?

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  • Swim 1 Swim

    Emerge Refreshed & Invigorated

    Giving Cold water swimming a go with Zoe Wilson

    Cold water swimming has become hugely popular over the last couple of years and our friend and editor of @Enjoyitmagazine Zoe is a big fan, perhaps she can convince you to give it a go?


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  • Wild Swimming 0JEP9234

    Cold Water Swimming Must-haves

    It seems that out of nowhere everyone’s going wild swimming! It could be inspiration from the ‘ice man’ himself, Wim Hof, or everyone starting to embrace our ‘wild’ sides after lockdown. Either way, wild swimming has become extremely popular. If you’ve not yet given it a go but have considered taking the plunge there are a few things, you’ll need to brave the waves!

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  • JKE 8031 Bamford Clairemenary 11

    Attuning to your Circadian Rhythm with Bamford

    Our bodies’ Circadian Rhythm plays an important role in how we sleep and knowing how to wind down after a busy day can help us achieve better sleep. 

    Our friends from Bamford have created two aromatic collections, designed to work in harmony with your personal circadian rhythm to encourage energy-filled mornings and sleep-filled evenings and nights.

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  • B Silent Lifestyle Desktop Banner 2 Bamford

    The Ultimate Night-Time Ritual with Bamford

    You may have spotted Bamford’s B Silent range in Curated or experienced our B Silent Ritual Treatment at the Herb House, both designed to promote better sleep.

    Our friends at Bamford share a bespoke ritual, taking inspiration from childhood routines, designed to ready you for a restful night’s sleep.

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  • 3I2A2381 Heavy Metal

    Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie Recipe

    Create a Raw & Cured classic at home!

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  • 3I2A1643 0W2A8003

    The Lowdown with Floreat

    Floreat combines a balanced approach to alcohol with a carefully considered blend of herbs, minerals, and active botanicals. Their award-winning low alcohol sparkling wine is the first in its field, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy during a spa experience.

    We will be welcoming Floreat to Herb House as a new low-alcohol drink choice on the menu! We spoke to the founder Anne–Marie to find out more about Floreat Wines…

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  • 0JEP9880 0JEP9441

    Fitness Nutrition: Justin explains the link between Exercise and Food

    Many of us know the importance of a balanced diet and how eating better can help us with our fitness journey, but just how important is the relationship between what and when we eat and our performance when exercising? We spoke to our go-to guru and Head of Fitness at Herb House Justin to get the lowdown…

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  • 3I2A2301 (1) 0JEP9286

    The Lowdown on Fermentation with Raw & Cured’s Ria

    We spoke to Ria to find out a little more about the benefits fermented food can bring to our diets…

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  • Gigha Halibut Ceviche 0JEP9463

    Raw & Cured’s Halibut Ceviche

    A tasty vibrant dish perfect for lunch or an evening meal, full of fresh flavours and goes perfectly with a chilled refreshing glass of Pentire Seaward.

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