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How MEDAHUMAN Can Help Your Body Recover

Recovery is a hot topic. Recovery from exercise, illness and maybe even…. Lockdown? While we can’t promise that CBD will help ease us out of a year of lockdown, our friends at MEDAHUMAN are here to tell you how CBD can help improve recovery when it comes to exercise, inflammation and sleep.

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    12 Nourishing convenience foods with Amelia Freer

    We’ve all been there; you’ve had a long busy day and you can’t muster the energy to cook an entire meal from scratch. Sometimes it's nice to be able to whip up something quick and easy and know that it is still nutritious. Our nutritional therapist Amelia Freer has shared her top 12 nourishing convenience foods to always have in the cupboard for those days when you fancy a quick easy and healthy meal. 

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    The Lowdown with Zucchini London

    ‘With love from Morocco’…For some serious summer vibes, Zucchini London create a range of funky handmade basket style bags all inspired by local traditions and made using natural materials in the heart of Marrakech, Morocco. We sat down with the founder of Zucchini London, Honor Younger, to learn more about the company, how their products are made and what inspired her to create such beautiful handmade bags.



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    The lowdown with Weaver Green

    Based in Kingsbridge, Devon, Weaver Green create a range of beautiful handwoven rugs and textiles all made from recycled plastic bottles. We chatted to the founders of Weaver Green to find out a bit more about them…

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    The lowdown with Dock & Bay

    Dock & Bay are a colourful lifestyle brand famous for their quick-drying towels and now sell unique products across travel, fitness, and home accessories for everyone who loves to explore this incredible planet we get to call home. We sat down with the two founders of Dock & Bay Andy and Ben to find out more about their company and where it all began...

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    ‘Small changes still count’, with Amelia Freer

    Our go-to-guru and Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer tells us the small ways in which we can lead healthier lifestyles.

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    Personal Training… what’s in it for you?

    There are so many benefits to having a PT and our Head of Fitness Justin Pimm explains them…

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    The Lowdown with… Indigo Island

    Curated is our one-stop-shop stocked with exclusive pieces from our favourite craftsmen across the worlds of art, fashion, beauty, and interior design. We’ve been chatting to founder Lulu to hear a bit more about the inspirations and people behind the brand…

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    The Lowdown with…Saltee Suncare

    The travel, lifestyle and beauty brand inspiring your next adventure...

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    Our Senior Personal Trainer Alex, gives us the lowdown on Qi Gong…

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