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Our Senior Personal Trainer Alex, gives us the lowdown on Qi Gong…

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    Spring Health with Amelia Freer

    As we say goodbye to winter and a warm welcome to Spring, our go-to-guru and Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer gives us her top tips for eating well, getting out and about and generally looking after yourself at this time of year.  

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    The Lowdown with… Medahuman

    CBD is on everyone’s lips. Both figuratively and literally in many cases. It’s a hot topic up and down the country, a company who know a thing or two about CBD is Medahuman. We chatted to the team at Medahuman to find out more about their products and the many health benefits of CBD...

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  • Online v Face to face

    Our Herb House Pilates teacher Juliet shares her lockdown experience and the change from teaching her classes in person to online.

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    Fancy a mocktail?

    Try making our Raw & Cured mocktail recipes at home...

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  • The Slowdown with Luke Holder

    We caught up with HH&Co’ s Chef Luke Holder in lockdown to see what he’s been up too…

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    Adding Mindfulness to your day

    Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us, but how can we get started? Jane Young, Herb House’s coach tells us how.


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  • Pexels Element Digital 775030 Pineapple Smoothie

    Smoothies to give your morning some zing!

    Start your day the right way with a Raw & Cured smoothie

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  • Celeriac Rostis Brunch Gluten Free Rosit

    Amelia Freer’s Celeriac Rösti

    Try making Amelia Freer's Celeriac Rösti full of goodness...

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  • Choc Chocolate Almond Cranberry Brownies Gluten Free Uai 1032X1032

    Try making Amelia Freer’s Chewy Chocolate, Almond & Cranberry Brownies

    We don’t know about you, but we love brownies, but often feel a slight sense of guilt when enjoying one! This doesn’t have to be the case with Amelia’s take on chewy chocolate brownies.

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